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FAQ's related to GATE Exam

What is GATE Exam ? What are the opportunities after writing GATE Exam?
GATE Exam is Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering which is conducted by IIT's and IISc for Postgraduate admission in IIT's, NIT's and other premier institutes in the country. Admission to many other universities is also based on GATE score. In addition many PSU's also recruit based on GATE score. Some foreign universities also accept GATE score for admission to Post Graduate Courses.

What is the ideal time to start preparing for Gate Exam ?

The right time to start is during 3rd year of Engineering. This is because most of the subjects of GATE exam are from syllabus of 2nd year Engineering. So it will be fresh in memory and you will have one year to solve previous year questions with a calm mindset. But one need not worry as a good score is possible even if you start few months before the exam. It is recommended to devote at least 4-5 months for GATE preparation.

Is coaching required for GATE exam?
Ideally, A motivated and determined student can get a decent rank in GATE with self preparation. There are NPTEL lectures(
NPTEL lectures for GATE) on all subjects which are sufficient to get the required knowledge to get good score in GATE exam. But the problem with self study is that one may need to spend a lot of time to in understanding the basic concepts.
Coaching can make your learning process faster but completely depending on coaching is also not a good idea, as it makes you more dependent on coaching rather than self study and it might make you lazy. Also, there are many instances where coaching institutes skip few subjects and allocate inexperienced faculty.
So join coaching at your own discretion.

Can i write in a discipline other than my Bachelor’s degree discipline?
Yes, one can apply GATE in any discipline. However some colleges require GATE score in the same discipline.

Should I attempt placements if I am preparing for GATE Exam?
There is no harm in attending placements. Most placements happen during July-September, so spending some time for placement preparation will be a wiser c
hoice. But, try to avoid any placement attempts one month before GATE exam if you are serious about GATE.

How much stipend does M.Tech. and MS students at IIT/NIT receive?
Presently M.S. and M.Tech students get a stipend Rs. 12,400 per month. And the stipend for PhD students is 25000 per month.

How many times can I attempt GATE exam?
There is no limit on number of attempts for GATE exam.

I am a B.Tech 3rd year student, can I appear for GATE exam?
No, B.Tech 3rd year students are not allowed to appear for GATE exam.

I have trouble in understanding some subject(s), can I skip that subject(s) and concentrate on rest of the subjects?
If your aim is to get high score you cannot afford to skip any of the subjects. Otherwise 1 or 2 subjects can be skipped if you can prepare all the other subjects thoroughly. The wiser choice would be to read the easy topics in those difficult subjects rather than completely skipping them.

Will I get the stipend, if I joined a local college/university for my post graduation?
If you have a valid GATE score you are eligible for the stipend no matter which AICTE recognized  institute you join across India.

What are some good resources/textbooks for gate preparation?
Please refer to the article on our website: 
Recommended Books -EC

Is solving practice problems mandatory for cracking GATE exam
It is highly recommended to practice as many problems as possible only after thoroughly understanding the concepts. This will help you to avoid silly mistakes while writing the exam. This will also improve your problem solving speed.

I have some backlogs in B.Tech can I appear for GATE exam?
Yes, you can appear for GATE exam. But you must clear all your backlogs cleared before applying for M.Tech admissions.

I am financially weak, I took a loan for my B.Tech do I have to start repaying my loan during M.Tech or can I dealy it till the completion of my M.Tech?
Generally speaking if you get admission in a good Institute, banks will have no problem in extending the term of repayment. So, you need not worry about your loan. You will also get a monthly stipend through which you can easily fund your post graduation.