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Handling GATE exam stress

Writing competitive exams have always been stressful for most of the students. Lots of reasons why that might happen to you-fear of failure, problems in personal life or you are among those type who just get nervous about everything they do. These are usual common problems faced by students all the time and you can keep this in check.

Some of the students already know how to handle but some get so beaten up over that that it affects their preparation eventually dropping their rank. So how do you handle it ? Answer is very obvious and something all of you know. This article's purpose is not to tell you anything new but encourage you to actually follow the simple steps most of you already know.

You are studying day in day out, and start to solve a mock paper you score less, happens to everybody now and then, may be you committed a lot of silly mistakes or you have already been studying so much for the day, there are many reasons. You should not get depressed or frustrated over this, if(I say if here) you have done hardwork prepared for the exam then it will definitely be fruitful. You scoring less in one exam doesn't mean anything, stop it for the day go out take a stroll or play some games (games which takes less of your time and energy), that should freshen you up. You might think how can this help, just try few times and you will notice how interacting with people or playing re-energizes you.

Sometimes no matter what, you might get nervous. Find out what helps you to destress and practice it seriously. You should understand focus is not infinite but limited. What you need is a habit, a way of life. Based on your strength and weakness design your preparation strategy. Everybody gets tired, some after few hours and some have ability to focus for larger period of time. When you feel exhausted take a small break, just walk around, have tea or coffee, then come back to studies. But if you can't focus for long hours you should slowly increase the intervals between your breaks. Change it slowly over a period of time, this can be done all you need is patience and perseverance.

Another medicine to this would be music any genre you can groove to. It will have a soothing affect on you. One major mistake everybody does is letting negative thoughts take root, for example what if I don't get good rank and a lot of other ifs. When those thoughts occur stop them right there before it grows like mangroove forest. Shift your thoughts to something more pleasant or do anything that you find amusing. These kind of thoughts will have a negative effect on your exam preparation. Thinking about result is like wondering in a race where the end line is, while you wonder people will move past you and you waste away your energy and you might even not reach the end line ! So don't let these thoughts take root. Easier said than done but it's not impossible and gets easier once you start practicing it.

Stress as many might think is impossible to manage is so not true. It requires you to recognize the signs of stress creeping in and taking measures before it sets in. Follow above suggestions and you will definitely be able to overcome and deliver your best in exam.