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 Interview Questions:

1) What made you to choose GATE over other exams? Why M.Tech in India and not job or MS abroad?

I found myself very comfortable in technical studies and realized that there were mainly two options we had to choose between after completion of my bachelors- GATE and CAT. So I went for GATE. Doing MS abroad was a not an option for me as financial assistance was weak. I prepared my mind to go for higher studies in IIT’s.

2) When did you start preparing for GATE?

 I started my preparation at the starting of 2nd year of .

3) How was your GATE Prep method? How did it change in fourth year as compared to third year

Ans: I tried to study the subjects in my (which coincided with GATE )  in more depth with as many standard books as possible . Simultaneously solving all previous year gate questions relating to that subject. In 4th year Preparation becomes more concentrated on the probable area of Gate question papers and solving online test series of some coaching institutes.

4) Group study or individual preparation?

I believe Group study to be one of the key need to grab good concepts. The key advantage is that Identifying one’s weakness becomes easy which drives us to focus on our weak areas .

5) Which was your favorite subject? Most challenging subject?

My favorite subjects were Mathematics, Analog circuits and electromagnetic wave. Most challenging subject was Communication Systems.

6) Which text books did you follow for different subjects?

There will be really a very long list but I will mention those which proved to be helpful.

Network: Sadiku, Schaum Series, Hayt, Franklin F Kuo.
Now I have come to know that  circuit’s video lecture by Prof. Nagendra Krishnapura are also helpful.

EMT:  Sadiku, Hayt, Cheng, Schaum Series.
Now I came to know that video lectures by Prof. RS  Shevgaonkar are also helpful.

Mathematics: B S Grewal

Communication: B P Lathi ,Schaum Series, H P Hsu(really awesome),Simon Haykin  (recomended) , Proakis(has a collection of good questions)

Signals and  Systems: Oppenheim, Simon Haykin , Schaum Series

Control systems: Ogata, Norman Nice, Benjamin C Kuo

Analog  Circuits: Sedra and Smith.
Now I came to know that Fundamentals of Microelectronics by Behzad Razavi is really a good book (some instructor may be required).

Digital Circuits: Morris Mano

7) How did you manage time for different subjects? What planning went into it?

I always ensured that the basics of all the subjects were covered.
Planning was done to cover weak areas of different subjects daily encountered during solving questions.

8) Did you take help of NPTEL lectures?

Yes but I watched only digital electronics. Actually I was not aware of the lectures. I came to know about the lectures only after joining M.Tech . But it is highly recommended to follow for some subjects.

9) How crucial is solving previous year question papers? When is the ideal time to solve them?

This is the most important step which determines the application of knowledge gained from book. The more important thing is to try if shortcuts or multiple ways of solving are available. The crucial time is as early as possible. The day I decided to choose GATE I bought previous year questions of GATE and IES and started solving.

10) Did you prepare for all subjects or did you skip some part in any subject?

I prepared all subjects.

11) How important is coaching for GATE/IES? Which year is ideal to go for coaching ?

It is of course important (and necessary if the is from some mediocre college). According to me 3rd year would be ideal as by that time you have an idea about the key areas in your branch and your interests too.

12) How should the candidates prepare 1 month prior to GATE?

Solving online Test Series, noting down important formulae and short cuts.

13) How easy is it if we start preparing during

Of course it is easier as the mind is fully prepared to overcome any obstacles in path.

14) How did you manage stress? Any games/sports that you remember playing?

Stress usually comes in between but I tried to maintain a good study group , so it is  easy to re-energize for the goal. I played chess , puzzles and sometimes cricket.

15) Should a candidate preparing for gate bother to sit for placement? If so, how much time should he dedicate for his placement preparation?

As I was sure about my goal, I took all advantages that would help my final goal albeit by less amount. I thought Placement preparation as a preparation for GATE only, due to which 15 mark aptitude, English sections became easier for me to tackle.

16) Did you expect the rank before and after? How did u feel and how was the reaction of your parents?

I started expecting before itself when my friends started confirming that I could easily get a good rank. Parents were very happy.

17) Why did you choose VLSI at IIT Madras?

I was interested in Analog subject, Also my seniors suggested me that VLSI is a better option.

18) What care did u take to eliminate silly mistakes?

Practice, Practice and Practice is the only way I preferred.

19) How different was your IES Prep from Gate?

It was a combined preparation for me as I tried to solve conventional questions also. Some extra courses in IES I studied in my final semesters. I did not prepare the General Studies part well enough which could also be a mark fetching area. For General Studies NCERT text books and previous year questions of  UPSC are enough.

20) What was the Motivation for writing IES?

The Work is related to both management and technical areas.

21) How did you manage time for IES prep while doing Mtech?

I already appeared the test before M.Tech. I only improved my English communication skills which was required for interview.

22) Tell us about your IES Prep.

Ans: I was confident regarding the Technical Objective and Subjective areas of IES both of which were common to the GATE syllabus. As I was a fresher, I had just studied the other courses in my final year, so I only revised made easy notes of those other courses like material science, measurement and solved the previous year question papers. Even though I did not prepare the General studies part well enough, I managed to do kind of average by doing the English section well.

23) How many times did u appear in IES?


24) Did you expect that rank in IES?

No, because I thought that I could have done better if I prepared specifically for some sections like GS.

25) How did you prepare for IES Interview?

I joined ACE coaching 7 day tutorial, also appeared mock interviews from Made-easy, ACE ,Panacea and  studied their interview guidance booklets. Panacea also actively supplied questions from recent interviews which was really helpful.

26) How was your IES Interview experience?

It went quite well. There were 4 members in the panel .It comprised of a Chairman who asked the HR questions and 3 other members who tested my technical knowledge

Questions from Chairman: H C GUPTA:

Q1.why there is year gap after intermediate...
2. What is your gate to calculate it???(he went in-depth into that !!)
3. Who is VEER SURENDRA SAI (My bachelor’s university is named after him)
3. Why are you saying its the oldest in Odisha, I KNOW RAVENSHAW is oldest?                                             

Questions from Member1
Do you know microwave?
1. Why is it used?  What is its Frequency range?
2. Do u know optical transmission?
3. How is it processed?
4. What is laser?                                         

Questions from Member2&3:

1. What subjects you studied in 1st sem of M.Tech? Can I ask Digital IC Design?
2. How multiplexer is designed?
3. Design it using IC.....Is there any IC you know commercially available for MUX....for flipflop 
4. 3rd member tell me how can you identify IC by looking at its printing...he asked me one  format (SN74....) What is this?
5. can you identify manufacturing date?
6. Tell me IC manufacturing companies ??

Member3: 7. Can we use Si material in can u solve the problem of indirect band gap in Si material??
8. Which compound semiconductor group GaAs belongs to?
9. Do you know InP? Where is it used???

27) When will you be joining IES?

After completion of M.Tech around June 2016.

28) How did you prepare for ISRO written test?

I just solved previous year questions.

29) How was your ISRO interview experience?

They asked me my three favorite subjects and then they asked questions on analog circuits.
After that they asked me whether I was comfortable in microwave and measurement which I was. I can remember some questions like those on Slew rate, some op-amp questions, Mosfet biasing, MMIC, which antenna is used in satellite, some other questions on antenna.

30) Lastly what is your message for your juniors preparing for Gate 2016?

Identify the weak area by taking mock tests and strengthen it as early as possible, better to discuss among good friends some important frequently asked areas. Solving all previous year questions on your own without solution is most important thing to crack it. Have confidence on your abilities I wish you the best of luck.

Interview of Dipti Ranjan Tripathy – Exceptional rank holder in GATE and IES

Dipti Ranjan Tripathy passed out from Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, situated in Burla, Sambalpur, Odisha in 2014.

He went on to secure a Gate Rank of 41 in 2014 in ECE and AIR of 33 in IES in the same year.
Joined M.Tech in stream VLSI in IIT MADRAS in 2014.
Some of his other ranks the same year
ISRO rank 7
CSIR NET rank 11
Right now he is awaiting the completion of his M.Tech to join the engineering services.