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Steps to follow during the last month of GATE Exam preparation

With short time left, revise the the subjects thoroughly. Keep in mind that repeated studying of the concepts will make you more confident in solving problems. Meanwhile keep important concepts and formulae at your fingertips. Prepare formula sheet for each subject and go through them regularly.

Easy First
Tackle easier subjects first. Remember that you must keep your confidence high in this last period before GATE, solving  the easier subjects first will keep you more confident when solving the harder one. Don't venture into completely new and complex topics at this juncture.

Important topics
Concentrate more on the important and frequently asked topics.There are always some topics which get more importance than others. Identify them to save and better manage your precious time.

Previous Gate Papers 
Solve lots of problems from previous year GATE papers. This will help to familiarize with the kind of questions that appear in the exam and will make you more confident on the day of exam. This will also help you in recognising the topics of higher importance.

Test Series
Taking lots of test series will get you acclimatized to the actual test pattern and will also help you manage time. You can also judge yourself and improve in the areas where you find yourself lacking.

Stay Healthy and Fit
Remember that staying healthy will help you prevent from loosing time due to sickness. Therefore give utmost importance to your health.