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recommended textbooks for Gate-ECE

We recommend the following Books for preparation of GATE Electronics and Communications Stream. One may have to refer many books for each subject and should limit themselves to syllabus of Gate Exam . Read the important topics to clear the concepts and one has to be thorough with the solved examples in the book. In addition one can solve exercise problems at the end of chapters. The edition mentioned here corresponds to latest editions, one can refer to the old editions also.

Engineering Mathematics:        

Higher Engineering Mathematics, B. S. Grewal, 43rd edition, Khanna Publishers

Networks and Systems             

Engineering Circuit Analysis, W.H. Hayt, J. Kemmerly, 8th edition, TMH
Networks and Systems, D. Roy Choudhury, New Age Publisher

Signals and Systems                  

Signals and Systems, A. V. Oppenheim, A. S. Willsky, S. H. Nawab, 2nd edition, Pearson                                               

Signals and Systems, Simon Haykin, B. V. Veen, Wiley Student Edition, Wiley                                                      

Principles of Signal Processing and Linear Systems, B. P. Lathi, 1st edition, OUP

Electronic Devices                      

Electronic Devices and Circuits, J. Millman, C. Halkias, 2nd edition, TMH                                                   

Solid State Electronic Devices, B. Streetman, S. Banerjee, 6th edition, PHI

Analog Circuits                           

Fundamentals of Microelectronics, B. Razavi, Wiley Student edition, Wiley                                                      

Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits, Sergio Franco, 3rd edition, TMH

Digital Circuits                           

Digital Design, M. Morris Mano, M. D. Cilleti, 5th edition, Pearson                                                    

Digital Systems Design, C. H. Roth, L. K. John, 2nd edition, Cengage                                                      

Digital Systems: Principles and Applications, R. J. Tocci, N. Widmer, G. Moss, New International edition, Pearson

Control Systems                       

Control Systems Engineering, Norman S. Nise, Wiley Student edition, Wiley                                                    

Modern Control engineering, K. Ogata, 5th edition, PHI                                                   

Control Systems Engineering, I. J. Nagrath, Madan Gopal, 5th edition, New Age Publisher


Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems, B. P. Lathi, 4th edition, OUP                                                   

Communication Systems, Simon Haykin, Wiley Student Edition, Wiley                                                  

Introduction to Analog & Digital Communications, S. Haykin, Wiley Student Edition, Wiley


Principles of Electromagnetics, Matthew N. O. Sadiku, 4th edition, OUP                                                    

Engineering Electromagnetic, W. Hayt, J. Buck, 7th edition, TMH                                                    

Electromagnetic Waves, R. Sevgaonkar, TMH                                                  

Electromagnetics, Schaum's Outline Series, TMH

Aptitude & English                 

Quantitative Aptitude, R. S. Aggarwal, 20th edition, S. Chand                                                   

Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, R. S. Aggarwal, Revised edition, S. Chand                                                  

Objective English, H. M. Prasad, U. Sinha, 5th edition, TMH.